Monday, 20 January 2014

I Cannot Tell You

I don't write poems anymore but a couple of days ago I was hit by inspiration and had to write it all down.  It's only a short poem on the prejudice towards depression but the husband likes it so much that he wants to turn it into a song.  Watch this space and enjoy!



It's coming back again,
The darkness is creeping in,
Months of hell will come,
Yet I cannot tell you.

Whilst you complain of back aches,
Stubborn colds,
And that infection you got checked.
I am suffering in silence
Because I cannot tell you.

It is a burden living with a real disease
That people see as an excuse.
How can I explain how I'm feeling
When we live in a world of prejudice?
I cannot tell you

People refuse to understand,
'Pull yourself together' they say,
'Snap out of it' they say,
'You have no reason to feel like this' they say.
That's why I cannot tell you.

I wish you understood that this is not my fault,
Even though I blame myself everyday.
I don't ask you to be an expert on my thoughts,
All I ask is for you to care.
So I can tell you.
So I'm not alone.

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